Furnace (natural)

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Furnace (natural)

This is the heart of our kitchen. Here is where we cook many of the dishes served at the restaurant El Diablo.

Despite having been dug on the ground, this holeis the result of the work done around it. The background of this furnaceis practically on the surface of the original terrain, as it was really just the sides that gained height with the work done, as a consequence of the layers that were added on to the islet in order to isolate the building away from the intense heat.

The temperatures here registered vary significantly. In some points at the back there are temperatures of 80ºC, at the front there is 200ºC. The highest temperatures come from some of the lateral areas, going over 250ºC.

The instability of this well, around 5 m deep and with a 0.9 m diameter, make it difficult for chefs to meticulously place and control the food on the grill.

Are these emissions toxic for food?

The magmatic rock heats up due to the residual heat of the subsoil that maintains the temperature through a weak thermal flow towards the surface.  This, does not go together with fumarolic gases, unique to the dry hot rock. No trace of toxicity!

How is this furnace cleaned?

The constant use of this furnace accumulates food and fat leftovers on the inside. When it lights up, those leftovers char and leave the furnace as clean as new.

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