Hot Gravel (Earth)

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Hot Gravel (Earth)

Feel the earth in your hands as our staff offers it to you. Are you sure this is not a trick?

Throughout your journey to Montañas del Fuego, you will witness some phenomena that is unavoidably hard to believe.

Lets go back 300 years for a minute. People in those days probably struggled to believe their eyes as much as we do when hearing that the volcanoes are dormant, that it is possible to walk in this area without burning your feet and that the more than 6 years when rivers of lava kept on flowing, have finally given way to peace.

We are currently not that easily amazed by arid landscapes and some geothermal anomalies, and they remind us of a destructing and isolating past that took over Timanfaya, with no precedents.

In order to find out further details regarding these geothermal anomalies, let's watch the burning gorse; the deeper we go, the more excited the volcano will become.

Can you imagine spending a winters night on this hot earth?

One of the uses given to this space, before its current situation, was for military purposes. Here they set camp, using the residual heat to cook and warm up at night.

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