Burning Gorse (fire)

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Burning Gorse (fire)

Let's get to know the behaviour of the dormant volcano a little better. When the gorse (a small thorny bush) is burning, you will be able to see how just 3 metres deep we can no longer touch the gravel with our hands as it gets as hot as  435ºC. The volcano is not as dormant as it appears to be. We will witness how easy it is to obtain fire in this place, but

If we do this anywhere in the park, would we get the same results?

The truth is that we have already spoken of geothermal anomaliesand although we do not understand its relevance well, we need to know that they explain the irregular temperatures in Timanfaya, which explains why we cannot get the same results all over the park.

We are talking about superficial areas where there are temperatures above 100ºC, way above normal temperatures. It is generally focused on the edges of volcanic craters, but there are 3 very specific areas where these phenomena can be seen: Islote de Hilario, Casa de los Camelleros and the bottom of the crater of Timanfaya.

If you go up a little further, you will see a natural furnace that has been traditionally used as a barbecue, although the real protagonist is the large furnace next to the restaurant.  

We have already seen the earthand fire demonstrations, lets now have a look at the airthat comes from the vents that give life to such huge geysers.

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