El Diablo Restaurant

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El Diablo Restaurant

Welcome to El Diablo Restaurant.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to enjoy a delicious dish cooked at the heat of the volcano with an incredible view of the only especially geological park in Spain, the Timanfaya National Park, an example of recent and historic volcanism in the Macaronesian region.

It was designed by artist from Lanzarote César Manrique. It was created in 1970, before the park was declared protected. This solid circular floor is full of symbolic mysticism and hot floors! The curtain walls that surround the room make it the perfect viewpoint.

The circular base of this building has led to many interpretations although it reminds us of the agricultural engineering on the island, with stone walls or socos characteristic of the landscape in La Geria and that protect the vine from the wind.

Find out what Timanfaya knows! The maître will soon walk you to your table and offer you a wide range of tailor made dishes to choose from. You may also check the menu here: try our wines from Lanzarote in this magic circle.

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