Introduction - Montañas de Fuego

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Introduction - Montañas de Fuego

The Timanfaya National Park is the only geological one within the Spanish Network of National Parks. It was declared a National Park on 9th August 1974, and since 1994 it is also a Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA). In addition, just like the rest of the island, it was named a Reserve of the Biosphere in 1993 and a Lanzarote and Chino Islands Unesco Global Geopark.

This unique volcanic landscape originated from the eruptions that took place in Lanzarote between 1730 and 1736, and subsequently in 1824, with a total perimeter of 174 km2, out of which, 51.02 km2 are part of the protected area. This volcanic eruption has been considered the most significant in history, not only due to its duration, but also the large quantity of lava emissions.

Among some of the services available in Montañas del Fuego, there is restaurant El Diablo(1970), a very peculiar restaurant for one particular reason not to be found anywhere else on the island: cooking with the heat of the volcano. Also, Ruta de los Volcanesa route created by Jesús Soto, managed by César Manrique in 1968, a 14-kilometre long stretch arranged for this visit. The stretch of road perfectly blends in with the environment, and it goes along the main core of the eruptions, where there is a number of geological and geomorphological interesting features such as furnaces, caves and karst landscape.

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