The Canary Islands have received a multitude of cultural contributions that have influenced their cuisine. The inhabitants of Lanzarote inherited part of their culinary customs from the aborigines. In addition to the Guanche heritage, we find Spanish and South American gastronomic influence on the island.

Their dishes stand out for their simplicity, since raw materials predominate over their preparation, but the result is very tasty.

Good meats, fresh fish, vegetables and virgin olive oil are part of the Lanzarote table. The wines and cheeses are very typical and of great importance. Soups are the most typical way to consume vegetables. Due to the richness of the sea in the Canary Islands, there are many varieties of fish. Among the recipes with fish include the Sancocho and the fish broth.

Among the meats, the most consumed are that of pig, chicken, rabbit and goat. As for pastries, peanut bread and soul rolls are very typical.

We cannot forget to name his most popular dish: The wrinkled potatoes. Accompanied with their mojos, they are a must on your visit to Lanzarote.



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Lanzarote is Living Wine, a slow melody of a noble heritage that grows, in its dry subtropical climate, thanks to the ingenuity of previous generations.

His people became an ally of the volcanic sands to win to the last drop against adverse weather conditions, and they have forged themselves in permanent struggle with the scarce rainfall until they managed to decipher the secrets of the freshness that the night brings.

Hidden in some cases, up to ten meters deep, is the old soil, the fertile mantle, in which the veteran roots and renewed strains sink.


Craft Beers

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Lanzarote joins the craft trend, with small factories producing craft beers recently emerging on the island. These independent brewers seek to produce a product with its own personality.

The local master brewers have managed to achieve an exquisite combination of body, flavor and aroma… promoting a good range of unique and high quality beers on the island.

However, a batch will never come out exactly the same as the one before or after… It's the charm of craft beer!